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Next Meeting: Wednesday, January 25 - 6:30 pm
Where: San Diego Botanic Garden, Encinitas
(Formerly Quail Botanical Gardens) Agenda & Directions.


Speaker: Charles Needle

Topic: Creative Macro Photography: Professional Tips & Techniques

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  • January's Topic: Visual Counterpoint
  • Sometimes Counterpoint is described as juxtaposition, and sometimes see-saw, bouncing, or tug-of-war. The compositional technique of Counterpoint causes your viewer to move their attention from one strong element in your image to another strong point.

    To make a counterpoint you must see two defined elements that demand attention (have impact) within the frame. The two elements will have significant separation. A strong counterpoint does not need leading lines to create the see-saw visual effect, but you might find diagonal placement of elements successful. More than two strong elements are possible.

    "Remember, a snapshot shows the world what your camera sees, but when you create an effective composition, you show the world what you see." Ian Plant

    Example compositions:
    People looking up and diagonally as other people are looking down at them.
    An isolated bush on a sand dune opposite a cloud in the sky.

    Helpful Techniques:
    Give yourself time to find two defined or isolated elements that are separated across the composition by other elements or space. Both defined elements will demand attention (have impact). You may have to practice this, but you will become a better photographer for learning to recognize Counterpoint and making the camera show what you see. Look through the viewfinder (or screen), then look away from the camera at the actual scene and back again through the viewfinder (or screen) until you find your composition. Move around, looking and reframing until you find your composition. Don't force it. See.

    Want even more?
    Google the author of the quote above with the word Counterpoint.

    What story or vision will you share?
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Grand Canyon NP ©2014 Bill McIntire
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