Submitting Photos for Publication on the NCPS Web Site

We want to encourage our members to make our site a valuable resource not just for ourselves, but for people who may be interested in joining NCPS. Part of that involves sharing our photos. This page will give you the information you need to know in order to submit your photos for member galleries, photo shoots, annual shows, or member news. Please note that on February 1, 2004, we started brand new galleries, and deleted the old galleries.

Do I have to submit photos to have a gallery? No! If you want, you can simply submit a thumbnail to be used for your link to your existing gallery on the Internet. Some members do not want to maintain two galleries, and that's fine. Simply send us the thumb, and the link to your web site.

How many photos can I have in a gallery? In you only want to link to an external gallery, you only need 1 -- for the thumbnail. If you want a gallery on this site, you may submit up to 150 photos.

Preparing your photo
If you use Adobe PhotoShop, the best way to get your photo ready for the web is to follow these steps:

  1. We have increased the maximum image size from 640 pixels to 800 pixels. This is to improve the image presentation on modern monitors.
    Resize your photo to 72 dpi, and no more than 800 pixels wide or 800 pixels high. Remember, not everyone sets their screen resolution to 1280 pixels wide or higher. This means that some viewers may have to scroll to view the whole image. Please click here if you need more detailed instructions on resizing your photos.
  2. Do your final sharpening, if required
  3. Use Photoshop's "Save for Web" feature under the File menu. This will bring up a dual panel, showing the original file on the left and the compressed file on the right.
  4. Use the slider to make the photo 150k or less. Usually, setting the slider at 70% will give you perfectly good quality at a low size.
  5. Before saving rename the file to one with a format shown in the text file description below.
  6. Remember, your photo must be a "jpg" file! Don't submit photos in Adobe's "psd" format, "gif" format, etc.

Submitting your photo

Photos are now submitted online via the members login page. Once you have logged on to your page, Click on the "(your name) Gallery" tab. Here you can create and delete individual galleries. Within a gallery you may upload or delete images. The process should be self evident.

The image file name should be short as it will appear under the thumb nail. For example you can use your initials followed by 2 or 3 numbers to distinguish between images [ jd123.jpg ]. Also remember to use just numbers and alphabetic characters in the file name. No other special characters are allowed in the file name. All files must be submitted in "jpeg" format. File names are case sensitive. Do not add title or copywrite information to the file name. After the image has been uploaded, there will be a box in which this information can be added.

If you have a web site and want to have the visitor redirected to that web site instead of going to a gallery here enter the URL in the box on the Contact Info tab. A proper URL is of the form "". Note: "" is not a proper website URL.

Also, in order to have a thumbnail icon appear on the gallery index page, yoy need to choose which one of your uploaded images is your "Key Photo", using the button labelled "Make Key Photo" in the gallery editor. If you have created a gallery, but never uploaded any images or set a key photo you will have an empty thumbnail icon in the gallery index.

One final item, please take the time to write a Mini-biography in the box at the top of your Galleries tab. This text will appear on the main Gallery Index Page next to your "Key Photo".

If you need help please contact the Webmaster.


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