September 2013 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Paul LeFevre

Paul LeFevre


Program Description


I became fascinated with photography at a young age, getting my first "serious" camera (after pestering my parents for months) at age 14. In high school, I was the lead photographer and photo editor for the school newspaper and yearbook, and had built my own home darkroom.

College took me on a detour -- intending to study photojournalism, I wound up majoring in computer science and mathematics, which turned into a long career in the computer graphics industry. I worked at Lucasilm, Ltd.'s LucasArts Entertainment division as a computer graphics programmer and manager for 10 years, and then went to Midway Games to become Midway's Chief Technical Officer.
This career involved being on the cutting edge of digital imaging, image processing, and technological development.

When digital photography began to reach professional levels of image quality around 2003, I jumped in with both feet, getting the latest professional digital cameras, and applying my years of experience in both traditional photography and digital imaging to the latest digital cameras. That led, in 2006, to leaving the computer industry and doing photography full-time in 2006.

Above all, I enjoy working with my clients and subjects to produce the highest quality images that show them or their products in the best possible light. I work hard to create a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere, and strive for the absolue best quality possible, fulfilling my clients' needs and desires.

I still write for photographic and technical publications such as Popular Photography, and my own photography business blog. My personal work includes doing astrophotography, long-exposure pictures of stars, nebulae, and galaxies through telescopes.

I live in Valley Center with my wife and two children, and love what I do!


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