July 2015 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Bill Evarts

Bill Evarts

"There's a Picture in There Somewhere."

Program Description

Landscape photography by Bill Evarts

The landscape photographers biggest challenge is to extract a coherent two-dimensional picture from natures three-dimensional visual chaos. Paramount to this process is recognizing good light. Creating an artistic image rather than a mere illustration requires more than sound camera craft and software skills. Attention to color, composition, and communication are also key. Evarts will help identify and evaluate some of the ingredients essential to scenic photography and suggest ways to get it right before clicking the shutter.


Inspired by the works Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter, Bill Evarts turned exclusively to landscape photography in the 1980's following ten years of studio and commercial work in a small town near Yosemite. Since then his photographs have appeared in a variety of local, regional, and national publications that feature natural history themes. Exhibit subjects have included Torrey Pines, Anza- Borrego, and native peoples rock art. He is best known locally for his book, Torrey Pines: Landscape and Legacy. Images from his Baja California portfolio won several landscape categories at an international competition in Mexico City. His photographs from Baja California were also featured in the San Diego Natural History Museum s Desert and Sea exhibit which was later shown at the Smithsonian.

“As technology continues to change, my goal remains the same: to create and share compelling images of wild places that have lifted my spirit.”

Website: billevarts.com


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