July 2017 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Michele McCain

Michele McCain


Program Description

Be inspired as Michele shares her unique Photographic Storytelling style through the magic of digital compositing. She will explain the evolution of her unique style and give insight into where her inspirations originate. She will also explain how she goes about capturing the individual images she uses in her pieces, the Photoshop skills she employs to create her composites, and finally she will demonstrate how she brings everything together to make the magic happen.

Michele McCain is a photographic artistic. She loves to combine the technical side of photography with her artistic interests to create one-of-a-kind works of storytelling art. 
Michele's passion as an artist is to weave together images from her travels; including compelling landscapes, decrepit rural decay, hectic urban scenes, along with costumed characters, using illustrative and digital techniques to form a profoundly emotional story. 

Michele's work often begins with a dream or a preconceived idea. She captures the raw images in the field and studio. Then at the computer, she is constantly learning to perfect the techniques she uses in the creation of her images, and spends days at a time working on each piece.

Her art has been widely recognized, receiving numerous awards and honors throughout the digital art and photographic communities. She has been awarded the highly esteemed Photoshop World Guru Award in 2015 for her photographic art. Her art has been published in professional photography and digital art publications and has been featured in prestigious galleries and local and international exhibitions.



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