August 2017 Monthly Meeting

Featured Speaker: Jodie Hulden

Jodie Hulden

An Artist-in-Residence Experience

Program Description

Jodie Hulden is a California-based photographer whose contemplative photography focuses on intimate natural landscapes and still life. She has a degree in art from San Diego State University where she worked primarily in textiles, fiber and artists books. She discovered her passion for photography in the 1970’s doing film and darkroom work. She transitioned to digital photography in 2001. After retiring from a teaching career, she now devotes her time to photography. Jodie has studied with George DeWolfe, Carlan Tapp, Michael Frye, Brett Erickson and Susan Burnstine. In February of 2017 she spent a month in Zion National Park as Artist-in-Resident. She has won numerous awards and has exhibited her prints nationally.

Artist Statement:
I have always regarded my photography as “visual haiku” because of its poetic and contemplative quality. My experience is that when beauty crosses our
path, whether grand, humble or intimate, thought disappears in that instant and a quiet stillness is present. In this way the experience of beauty is like a meditation, no matter how brief the glimpse. Making photographs is my way to pay homage to those moments when the world offers us these extraordinary gifts of beauty.



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